Team IMPULSE for World Peace

by HOPZ / @slaman10

I became a Blood today.

… for a skit.

It was a regular training day at Lincoln. Me feeling apprehensive toward accomplishing something new. Ninja pushing through extreme sciatica in his left leg. Spidey flipping like a man possessed. Iron Hide ready for anything. Raizen cautiously determined.

Some young runners…

We were attempting 360 dive rolls (watch out for OD addictive replays at the end) on the mulch mountain when this Rasta came up the concrete sidewalk. Dude came up holding a saw and began telling Spidey and myself about the staffs he makes. No paint. All natural. Cool shit.

The Rosta was going to introduce us to a tall kid who fucks with staffs.

Iron Hide came walking over as the Rasta looked over his shoulder…

"That’s gotta be him," Spidey laughed.

Even the Rosta got involved as we dove over the 6-foot mountain of mulch. “I don’t do none of that flipping and jumping stuff. But I still have a few tricks,” the 39-year-old cracked.

I thought he coulda been 23—always cheesing, joking and withholding judgement may be childish traits, but they’re the only keys to the fountain of youth.

We move onto precision flips. Ninja comes through. Young runners come through. Raizen comes through. We’re moving out of the park.

That’s when we ran past some Crips and Bloods.

Performing a skit, of course.

Who asked us to take part in their production. We said, Of course. Because, Why not?

And I’m glad we did. We trained and acted more, but that’s a product of parkour as well. Freerunning opens up our world to an unreasonably high number of new connections.

The skit was for a local church. Spidey, myself and three others were Bloods. Blaaat! Ninja, Raizen and Iron Hide were Crips.

The director had us about to scrap. And that’s when God’s Child the poet stepped in between and spit enough truth to get us to put down our blue and red bandanas.

The group was full of singers who were really interested in cross-promoting with Team IMPULSE. I took the manager’s card (which is already lost, I think) and gave him my number.

Who knows if anything will come out of this connection. But if a certain anti-gang violence video surfaces in the next couple weeks, you’ll know where to find it!