Notes on IMPULSE

by HOPZ / @slaman10

Today in review:

° Tried a front flip outdoors for the first time with a haywire back. Dudes said I could clear a car! That’d be nice, but I gotta build my confidence first. So here’s the simple plan toward flipping cars: 1) Practice regularly, 2) Read up about flips, 3) Watch every flip video on YouTube, 4) Pick the mind everyone who’s nice at flipping, 5) Get serious with dunk training, and 6) Obsess with flipping over cars. Simple!

° Was named manager of Team IMPULSE. It’s a good challenge. Producers watch out!

° Knocked over a light poll… Dead ass.

° Got supplies at Home Depot for a construction job. More dudes were hustling there than on my block! Ninja, Raizen and myself will (hopefully) be knocking down walls tomorrow.

° Drained because I’ve been writing more, sleeping less. I may make these entries shorter and sweeter. A mantra that works for me: Sleep more, live more. Front like you’re a machine, and you’ll become one.